50+ Employees

Discover why few things can lower your costs while increasing productivity better than automated timekeeping.


Cut costs and risk. Increase productivity.

It’s that simple.

For larger organizations, reducing costs while minimizing risk is critical. Few technologies do this better than automated timekeeping! Employee labor and administration are expensive and often unpredictable, so start lowering your labor costs and compliance risk.

Minimize compliance risk

Labor compliance is a growing risk for employers. Automate compliance with timekeeping.

Department of Labor audits are on the rise and compliance is becoming increasingly more complex for employers. Whether it’s FLSA, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or one of the many other employment-related compliance guidelines, protecting your organization without the right tools is a challenge. Automate your compliance efforts with timekeeping.

ACA compliance is here.

Do you have 50+ FTE employees?

Are you a Large/Small Employer or on the threshold?

Are you over or under 50 FTE employees (Full Time Equivalent) or are you close? Don’t run the risk of IRS audits and tax penalties by manually tracking or not accurately tracking and verifying employee hours.

Determine your Full Time Equivalent (FTE) employees with ease

Tracking whether your employees are full-time, part-time or determining full-time equivalents can be a time-consuming head ache. Make it automatic and convenient with timekeeping.

Review hours for your look-back period in seconds

To determine your count of FTE’s you need to review your look-back period. Do it the automated way in seconds with automated timekeeping.

Conveniently maintain time records for 3 years

Are you an Applicable Large Employer (ALE)? Are you maintaining accurate time and historical records. Minimize the risk of non-compliance or having to piece together the data in an audit with a simple, online solution.

Easily count all paid hours, including PTO

Tracking employees hours can be challenging, especially when it comes to sick, vacation, holidays and other unexpected life events. Remove countless of hours of admin with automation.

Avoid penalties of $2000 per employee

Avoid severe tax penalties. If you’re non-compliant, in addition to the time and disruption of an audit, you’ll pay $2000 per full-time employee (minus the first 30 employees).


Your key staff are busy. Minimize admin for supervisors and HR.

Turn valuable days and hours of managing time cards into minutes of convenient, accurate workflow.

  • Conveniently manage online or via mobile app
  • Review, edit, approve time cards with ease
  • Edit multiple time cards simultaneously
  • Simple online time off request and approvals
  • No more manual data entry and paper time sheets
  • Stop using clumsy, messy spreadsheets
  • Minimize human error
  • Reduce corrections and adjustments
  • Electronic payroll data import
  • Automate holiday pay, overtime and accruals
  • Much more

Reduce Your Cost of Labor

Employee labor is expense. We can lower the cost.

Few expenses are greater than an employer’s cost of labor. But what can be done to control and minimize the cost? The answer… automated timekeeping! We make it possible to protect your bottom line from overpaid wages, excessive overtime, employee time theft and so much more.

Eliminate employee punch rounding0%
Reduce costly payroll errors0%

Increase Employee Productivity

Employees are human… and poor habits can cost you dearly.
But with proper tools, accountability is easier for everyone.

RELIEVE SUPERVISORS & HR - Minimize administrative tasks for supervisors and HR.

EMPLOYEE SELF-SERVICE - Simplify employee accountability, requests, inquiries and approvals with our ESS portal.

STREAMLINE SCHEDULING - Create, adjust and share employee schedules with ease.

EARLY & LATE ARRIVALS - Minimize late arrival, early departure and extended breaks.

CONVENIENT REPORTING - View exactly where, when and how your labor dollars are spent.

ACCURATE PAY - When employees are paid to-the-minute, productivity goes up and service improves.

JOB COSTING - Track labor hours by job, location or other category.

PERFORMANCE REVIEWS - Simplify how you track and review employee attendance.


Simplify time management

Everyone is busy, especially HR and supervisors. Say “yes” to lowering operational costs while drastically simplifying time management.

Collecting and managing employee time has always been a hassle. Thanks to new technology, we have a better way. Experience the easy, affordable way to collect and accurately manage employee time.

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