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Companies of all sizes need to save and increase productivity. We can help.


Solutions for All Sizes

From small to mid-size or enterprise, we have a timekeeping solution to reduce your cost of labor and simplify time management.

1-49 Employees

Whether you have just a few or many staff members in your business, we can help you save on labor costs.

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50+ Employees

Whether it's staying compliant with ACA, FLSA or simply minimizing your cost of workforce management, we can help.

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Critical for employers, both small and large.

Whether you’re a small, medium or large business, labor is one of your greatest expenses. Tracking employee time accurately and electronically is virtually the best way to control this expense while minimizing administration. Companies not using an automated timesheet solution frequently overpay employees 15-30 minutes per day, per employee, resulting in thousands in overpaid wages, overtime and lost productivity every month.


Are you a larger employer? Streamline your FLSA, ACA and other compliance requirements with a simple, affordable timekeeping solution.

Small Medium or Large Employer