Complete labor cost management solution, customized for your organization.


Any size of organization.
Customized to fit.

Attendance on Demand is a complete labor cost management system medium to large enterprise employers, configured uniquely for your organization.


Use a solution that is uniquely designed to offer supervisors, payroll managers, HR staff and others a customized dashboard of key employee data critical to that person’s responsibility.

Cloud-based automation for large employers

You’re a large employer with a broad of array of pay policies. Simplify with advanced automation.

Daily time sheet for enterprise employers

  • Any size of organization can benefit.
  • Time-tested technology and experience working with complex pay rules.
  • Customized user profiles for a broad range of system users.
  • Executives, payroll managers, schedulers, system administrators, supervisors, project leaders,
  • No complicated IT resources or maintenance.

Handle unique pay rules and pay policies.

Handle your unique pay rules and business processes. Faster implementation time means you can be productive sooner.

Budget labor costs

Schedule employees

Incidents and Point Tracking

Custom dashboards by role

Drill-down on exceptions

Complex policies and compliance

Track FMLA eligibiility


Complex pay rate tables

Leave management policies

Mobile app labor management

Advanced Accrual Tracking

Engagement. Compliance. Security.

Improve accountability. Manage employee status for compliance. Highly secure.

Proactively control labor costs. Coverage budgets, incident and point tracking, custom dashboards and much more.

Touch Screen Time Clocks

The IntelliTouch 50 is an industrial grade time recorder. Hours, meals, breaks and even workplace incidents can all be reported at the end of a shift right at the clock. Real time communication means information is up to date and ensures compliance with Meal and Break rules.


Its smart, adaptive behavior, and high definition touch screen instruct employees and supervisors on the action required next.

Daily time sheet for enterprise employers

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