Expand workforce management with technology integrations for payroll and HR.


More than just timekeeping

Experience the power of timekeeping data integrated with additional workforce solutions.


Your time data... integrated with payroll. No more faxing, re-keying or submitting labor data manually.


Get timekeeping plus advanced scheduling. Easily compare scheduled data to ``actual.`` Reduce overtime and overstaffing.


Simplify HR tasks, create reports and compile all your human resource information in one central location.

Why Integrate with Time and Labor?

Automated timekeeping, unlike any other labor-related tool, is one of the most effective ways to control and reduce this cost. While there are many services on the market that do a variety of helpful things for employers, timekeeping is vital for employers in managing costs and reaching optimal success.

When combined with other human capital management or workforce management solutions, such as labor scheduling and Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), your time and labor data can be an invaluable tool for labor compliance, labor forecasting and analysis, employee performance analysis and more.