Saving on administration and labor has never been more straightforward.

Spend less on one of your greatest expenses.

Employee labor is costly, but automated timekeeping can quickly reduce the cost.

Timesheet Savings

Workforce Savings

An automated timekeeping solution is virtually the best tool for saving on the cost of labor.  

Minimize overpaid wages, overtime and payroll taxes

Stop overpaying for labor. Recover the ongoing cost of overpaid wages. There are many causes, but only one solution.

Eliminate Punch Estimations & Rounding

When employee approximate punch times, it costs employers a fortune every month. Stop the financial bleeding of late arrivals, early departures, and extended breaks/lunches.

Pay on Actual Time Worked, Not Schedules or Estimates

Start paying based on actual time worked and to the minute, not on scheduled time or close estimates.

Cut Hours of Administration

Cut hours of payroll prep time each pay period for everyone, from HR to supervisors and employees.

Reduce Payroll Errors

Human error is inevitable, but you can minimize the cost with automation. The American Payroll Association estimates its between 1%-7%.

Reduce Overstaffing

Overstaffing is a common problem that can be solved. Managers are busy and deviations are frequent. Get the tools to minimize the cost.

End “Buddy Punching” & Time Theft

Time fraud is a huge cost in productivity and wages for employers. Stop the financial bleeding.

Time theft and fraud is far more common than you might realize, and it comes in many forms. It may be “buddy punching” where an employee clocks in/out for another or employees exaggerating their hours on timesheets.

It may involve late arrivals, early departures, extended breaks and lunches or personal errands on the clock. If you have remote employees off-site or in-the-field, you’re especially at risk. All of these common behaviors result in thousands in lost productivity and overpaid wages each year.

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