No more spreadsheets, sticky notes, or hard-copy scheduling messes. There's a much easier way.

Automated Employee Scheduling

Reduce overstaffing and overtime. Increase employee and supervisor satisfaction. With automated scheduling, everyone wins.


Your staff will love automated scheduling! Creating and adjusting employee schedules is a time-consuming task. Your supervisors and employees are already stressed. Why not cut hours from the scheduling process and empower your employee with convenient, automated scheduling?

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Happier employees result in happier clients. 

When employees have more control of their schedule through automation, supervisors save time and satisfaction goes up.


With our shift trade board, email and text collaboration, and company-wide schedule features, employees are empowered (when authorized) to pick up shifts, make trades, set availability and be better, happier employees.

Easy schedule adjustments with email and text collaboration.

Finding employees to fill shifts can be a stress on everyone… from supervisors to the employee needing help. Not any longer. With automated email and text collaboration, employees can be notified instantly and respond within minutes, relieving supervisors from the costly run-around.

Shift planning app. Trade hours.

Just think… no more phone calls
scrambling for employees to pick up a shift.


Start saving! Minimize overtime and overstaffing.

With automated scheduling, you gain not only the ability to quickly build and manage schedules, but also the visibility to instantly spot overstaffing and overtime issues.


Start controlling and lowering your labor costs with tools that pay you, not the other way around.


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