Put an end to manual time card management with simple, affordable timekeeping.

Easy, practical and affordable

Simple, practical timekeeping doesn’t get any better than this.


Employee labor is costly, but you can minimize the cost with the right tools. Eliminate inflated hours and overtime. Prevent “buddy punching” and other forms of time theft. Minimize late arrivals, early departures, extended breaks and other costly habits that result in punch rounding in the employee’s favor.


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Save on labor. Cut hours from payroll preparation.

If you’re looking for a simple way to manage employee time, this is your solution. If you are a growing business or need additional features, such as mobile time management, electronic approvals or electronic time off requests, see our “SmartClock” solution.

Easily edit, add-to and audit time cards

Edit multiple time cards simultaneously

Collect data at time clock with clock prompts

Automate OT pay

Track labor distribution

Job Costing

Easy import to payroll

Easy, web-based interface

Streamline holiday pay


Ease-of-use matters. Take a look at a few sample shots to become more familiar with the ease of use.

Need ease of use AND advanced features? See also TimeWorksPlus.

You don’t have to choose between features and ease of use. With TimeWorksPlus, you get both.


You need time clocks that are plug-and-play, up and running in minutes. You also need simplicity to get in and get out. But let’s not forget that you need features to simplify how you do business and grow with your company. TimeWorksPlus offers all the core features of SimpleClock with powerful additional features, such as TimeWorks Mobile, PTO accruals, and electronic time off requests. See a comparison.


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Timesheet features and ease of use

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